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Can you give me directions to The River School?
A map and directions can be found on our Contact Us page.

What type of courses does The River School offer?
The River School offers a variety of courses, both those required by Coast Guard regulations and others for individual professional development. Our courses are all transportable making them convenient and cost effective. Courses include Licensing, Maritime Security, Radar Observer, Tankerman, and Special Programs. Learn more information about courses offered.

Can I get information on instructor credentials?
Our instructors are professionals with service in the U.S. Coast Guard, the U.S. Merchant Marine and the river industry. All are highly qualified in their field and are experienced, proven training professionals. Learn more about our staff.

Does The River School offer training materials?
The River School offers books and training videos for professional development.

Do you charge a fee for application assistance?
Yes. There is a $100 fee for application assistance. We provide a complete application package including all of the forms required for the license sought. Advice and assistance in completing the package is available via our toll-free phone number or email. Upon receipt, we review the package for completeness and contact you for any missing or incomplete information. Your pre-screened application package is then delivered to the Coast Guard REC in Memphis for processing. (Note: The Coast Guard provides express service for your application once we have prescreened it. This means a quicker turn-around for your license transaction.) We hate to charge a fee for paperwork assistance. We’d rather not have to charge a fee for paperwork assistance, but there are some folks out there who take advantage of our time and expertise only to attend training elsewhere. We’d like to help everyone, but time is money and our (800) number is meant for our customers - not the customers of other schools. The fee is deducted from your tuition! When you attend a licensing course at The River School, your application assistance fee is deducted from your tuition. Note: This only applies to those who have paid an application assistance fee for an original license. The application assistance fee applies to license renewals and all other transactions.

The River School, 44 North Second Street, Suite 602, Memphis, TN 38103. Call 1-800-238-7113! Email: info@riverschool.com
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