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New Firefighting Certificate Requirements NEW!

201(h) Firefighting Certificates

(h) Firefighting certificate. (1) Applicants for an original officer endorsement in the following categories must present a certificate of completion from a firefighting course of instruction that has been approved by the Coast Guard. (1) The firefighting course must have been completed within the past 5 years, or if it was completed more than 5 years before the date of application, the applicant must provide evidence of maintaining the standard of competence in accordance with the firefighting requirements for the credential sought.

(2) The following categories must meet the requirements for basic and advanced firefighting in RegulationsVI/1 and VI/3 of the STCW Convention and Tables A-VI/1-2 and A-VI/3 of the STCW Code (both incorporated by reference, see §11.102 of this part):

(i) National officer endorsements as master or mate on seagoing vessels of 200 GRT or more.

(ii) All national officer endorsements for master or mate (pilot) of towing vessels, except apprentice mate (steersman) of the vessels, on oceans.

(iii) All national officer endorsements for MODUs.

(iv) All national officer endorsements for engineers.

(v) All national officer endorsements for OSVs.

(vi) All STCW officer endorsements except GMDSS radio operator.

(3) The following categories must meet the requirements for basic firefighting in Regulation VI/1 of the STCW Convention and Table A-VI/1-2 of the STCW Code:

(i) Officer endorsement as master on vessels of less than 500 GT in ocean service.

(ii) All officer endorsements for master or mate (pilot) of towing vessels, except apprentice mate (steersman) of towing vessels, in all services except oceans.

(4) Applicants for a raise of grade of an officer endorsement who have not previously met the requirements of paragraph (h) of this section must do so.

(i) First-aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) course certificates. All applicants for an original officer endorsement, except as provided in §§11.429, 11.456, and 11.467 of this part, must present to the Coast Guard -

(1) Evidence of continued competency in STCW basic training in accordance with §11.302 of this part or a certificate indicating completion not more than 1 year from the date of application of -

(i) The American National Red Cross Standard First Aid course or American National Red Cross Community First Aid & Safety course; or

(ii) A Coast Guard-approved first-aid course; and

(2) A currently valid certificate of completion of a CPR course from either -

(i) The American National Red Cross;

(ii) The American Heart Association; or

(iii) A Coast Guard-approved CPR course.

(j) Professional examination. (1) When the Coast Guard finds the applicant's experience and training to be satisfactory, and the applicant is eligible in all other respects, the Coast Guard will authorize examination in accordance with the following requirements:

(i) Except for an endorsement required by the STCW Convention, any applicant for a deck or engineer officer endorsement limited to vessels less than 200 GRT, or an officer endorsement limited to uninspected fishing industry vessels, may request an orally assisted examination instead of any written or other textual examination. If there are textual questions that the applicant has difficulty reading and understanding, the Coast Guard will offer the orally assisted examination. Each officer endorsement based on an orally assisted examination is limited to the specific route and type of vessel upon which the applicant obtained the majority of service.

(ii) The general instructions for administration of examinations and the lists of subjects for all officer endorsements appear in subpart I of this part. The Coast Guard will place in the applicant's file a record indicating the subjects covered.

(iii) An applicant enrolled in an approved comprehensive program of training, service, and assessment will be authorized for an examination not more than 6 months prior to completion of the comprehensive program, provided all sea service and assessments of competency are completed prior to the examination.

(iv) The examination, whether administered orally or by other means, must be conducted only in the English language.

(2) When the application has been approved for examination, the approval is valid for 1 year.

(3) An examination is not required for a staff officer or radio officer endorsement.

(k) Radar observer. Applicants for an endorsement as radar observer must present a certificate of completion from a radar observer course as required by §11.480 of this part.

(l) Restrictions. The Coast Guard may modify the service and examination requirements in this part to satisfy the unique qualification requirements of an applicant or distinct group of mariners. The Coast Guard may also lower the age requirement for OUPV applicants. The authority granted by an officer endorsement will be restricted to reflect any modifications made under the authority of this paragraph.

Note: NVIC 02-14 allows candidates for a raise in grade with qualifying service prior to 24 March 2014 to choose to continue under the old rules until March 2019.

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