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Training Videos

Training Video - Towboat Fire SafetyTowboat Fire Safety
A series of four fire safety training videos filmed on towboats. Designed as a resource for the onboard training required by Coast Guard regulations. Includes an Instructor’s Manual complete with lesson plans and our Towboat Fire Safety text.

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Minutes to Live!Minutes to Live!
Personal survival skills for working rivermen. Teaches the specific methods and techniques needed to improve your chances of surviving an accidental fall into the river. Includes questions and answers to test your survival knowledge.

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Look for these video training programs in the future:

River Rescue Retrieving a victim from the river is much more difficult than most people imagine. This program will demonstrate the correct equipment and techniques to deal with a man overboard.

A Matter of Degrees The human body operates within a narrow temperature range. Heat and cold not only affect performance, they can be dangerous. This program will teach the symptoms, prevention, and basic first aid for hypothermia and hyperthermia.

Fatigue Countermeasures Human performance suffers under conditions of fatigue. Human factors contribute to approximately 80% of marine accidents. This program will teach rivermen how to recognize and fight the onset of fatigue.

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